New App!

Hi all! We made a new app – for our NYC Vintage Map. Or actually, two apps, because there is one for iPhone and one for Android. The map lists all the city’s vintage, resale, and thrift stores. And we have a new feature: picks and recommendations by well-known vintage aficionados.

We hope the apps will get more people to discover these small, sustainable, and independent stores. There are over 260 of them in total, nicely spread-out in all five boroughs. What is your favorite?

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New feature on Gem – New Items Alerts

Imagine if you could get an email alert every time a vintage item you have been hunting for is listed online? That is what we have built! The new Gem feature is called New Items Alerts and you can try it in the new version of the app, or at

It is like the good old eBay alert but better as Gem includes so much more!  Gem is currently indexing over 12 million pre-owned fashion and vintage items. Recently Gem started indexing The RealReal, Rebag, and WGACA among others.

Happy hunting!

Photos: Wayward Collection, Female Hysteria Vintage, Best Vintage Clothing.

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Deko Hyvä Tyyppi

I’m proud to be the Hyvä Tyyppi (“good guy”) of the November issue of the Deko magazine! For my non-Finnish speaking friends: talking about Gem, vintage clothing, sustainability, and winter swimming!

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Gem is now live!

Ta-daa! Gem, our search engine for all online vintage is now live, on, App Store, and Google Play.

Gem brings together thousands of online stores and millions of products into one search. It is like “Google for vintage”, helping you to find the pre-loved item you are looking for.

There so many great vintage stores in the world, in my home town New York alone well over 200. I never have time to visit them as often as I wanted to. I follow a ridiculous amount of online stores on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but the same thing here – I never get too see all their posts. More often than not I’m subconsciously hunting for some items. Last winter I was obsessing over cowboy boots in some unusual color like grey or yellow. (Thanks, Raf Simons!) I never found the pair in my size, even though I visited the cowboy capital of the world, Austin.

So to make all the vintage hunt easier we made Gem. We want to connect vintage seekers and hunters with all the great stores out there.

Every thrifter and vintage fashionista loves the thrill of the hunt. Luckily, I can feel the same excitement while browsing Gem. You never know what kind of two-piece sets my search will bring up!

Here are some screenshots so you can see how Gem works! Please check it out and let me know how you like it. I would love to hear.

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Live Like a Finn

Live Like a Finn is a brand new book I did in collaboration with World of TRE, Agency Leroy, and Wsoy. It is your guide to happy living according to the Finns! The idea for the book was born at TRE, I compiled and edited the book, and Hugo d’Alte did the graphic design. You can buy the book here.

Live Like A Finn tells about people who take their shoes off before entering your house, eat most ice-cream in the world, and love both silence and heavy metal music, and about their country Finland; the land of tens of thousands of lakes, never-ending pine forests, millions of saunas, and Moomins. Live Like A Finn is not your average guidebook but it sure makes you want to visit this northern, curious country.

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New blog: Gem Stories!

I have started to publish Gem Stories, blog posts about all things related to vintage clothing. Travel tips, style inspiration, interviews. BUT that is not all! We (me and my husband Sampo) are also soon launching a search engine for all online vintage clothing. It is called Gem and it will help you to find and shop the piece of vintage clothing you are looking for. Subscribe to Gem Stories to secure early access! You can follow Gem Stories on Instagram, too, is the handle. 

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Styling for Dusty Rose Vintage

Happy and proud to be Dusty Rose Vintage‘s babe crush! I styled 10 looks for them, here are the photos. Head over to Dusty Rose store page to shop available pieces. Which look is your favorite? I love the red skirt, the brown leather skirt and the black long skirt with a fancy split in front… Time to wear more skirts then, I guess!

Also remember to visit Dusty Rose’s cool warehouse store in Greenpoint, if and when you are in New York.

IMG_4617 IMG_5252 IMG_4091 IMG_4277IMG_4403 IMG_4970 2 IMG_4857

IMG_5407 2 IMG_5024 2 IMG_5037 2 IMG_5074 2 IMG_5121 2 IMG_5136 2 IMG_4338 2 IMG_5490 2

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SF Looks Portraits by Michelle L Morby

My friend, artist Michelle L Morby is painting portraits based on my SF Looks street style photos. How cool is that? She is planning to paint all the 500 SF Looks photos. I love how the portraits add another level to my photographs; they are capturing another perspective of San Franciscans, their style, and their insight on how they use clothing to communicate and present themselves to the world. I think our collaboration is pretty unique. It is combining street style, personal style testimonials, and portrait painting all revolving around the same 500 individuals.sf looks ben copysf mayu copysf looks morton copysf looks virgina copysf ace copysf candysf tany copysf wei chen copysf looks raymond copysf looks lane copysf looks kelsey copysf kelly copysf james copy

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NYC Vintage Map

Coming to New York? Love vintage and treasure hunting? I made something for you! The Complete NYC Vintage and Thrift Clothings Stores Map

When I moved to New York in January 2017, I immediately started hunting for the best vintage stores and adding them to my Google Maps. After several people asked me to share my tips, I thought why not make the map public, and include all the vintage and thrift stores in the city! I hope that with the help of this map more people will choose used garments over new ones and find the joy of wearing vintage.

NYC Vintage Map screenshot computer 1NYC Vintage Map screenshot computer 2

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Greetings from Suomi

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.18.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.18.09 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.18.19 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.18.58 PM

If in Finland, welcome to our exhibition opening in Fiskars! I am showing a collage of Hel Looks photos from the years 2005-2016. Greetings from Suomi continues until September 17.

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